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 We stand ready to help you with Decision  Dominance.  CD&A new service offering will assist Industry and Government clients focus on Data Integration and Business Process Improvements with ERP Applications and other Portfolio of Products.  Call or complete the CD&A contact us form to discuss your project and our services to develop a use case for your integrated platform.  

CD&A Consulting Services, Inc.

CD&A Consulting Services Inc. provides ERP implementation and process redesign consulting services to help organizations realize tangible value from their IT-enabled initiatives. We have strong roots in process redesign, allowing us to help clients achieve meaningful improvement by enabling the right process with the right technology.  Experienced in System Integrations with Disparate Systems and Data Strategy for Digital Transformation with real-time data across Portfolios to be able to make smarter decisions.

Our Services

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Our Servuces

Process Redesign 

CD&A assesses and implements best practices.  We provide target costs for acquisitions and cost of information management. 

Technology Maximization and Best Practices 

We focus on implementing technology for maximum utilization consistent with industry standard best practices for your Portfolio of Applications.

Digital Transformation 
  • Data Strategy

  • Integration Strategy

  • Dual Track Transformation

  • Operational Agility

  • Real Time Data Access

  • Change Management Strategy

  • Decision Dominance



"Winning is an attitude."

John Chaney


Ready to find out more?

Headquartered in Montgomery, AL, we take pride in the fact that every client is a reference for us, reflecting our commitment to client success. Our extensive experience in implementation project management, process redesign, and change management has helped us to be successful.

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